Infonomic is a small team of scientists, information architects, software developers, and creative staff. Our mission is to create information systems and innovative solutions for social good.

Anthony Bouch

Anthony Bouch MSc

Principal Anthony has over 20 years experience in media, publishing, and software development. A code monkey and shutterbug.
David Lipsky

David Lipsky PhD

Principal David possesses a rare combination of talents including software engineering, mathematics, and coffee making.
Pimonrat Tiansawat

Pimonrat Tiansawat PhD

Principal Pimonrat is our ecology and environmental science expert. She loves trees and seeds!
Mingkwan Chittasenee

Mingkwan Chittasenee BA

Senior Designer Mingkwan is our creative engine. She likes design, calligraphy, and cats.
Kannanat Sinthorn

Kannanat Sinthorn MD

Associate Kannanat is our health and medical services consultant. She loves everything that tastes good!
Suthep Kritsanavarin

Suthep Kritsanavarin

Associate Suthep is a talented media professional, regularly producing provocative and impactful still and moving images. A media messenger from a pale blue dot.