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The Infonauts

Infonomic is a team of information architects, software developers, and creative staff, surrounded by a great team of advisors and associates.

Our mission is to create beautiful information systems and useful digital products

We're actively looking for partnerships in the development of innovative solutions across industries and sectors including Web3, dApp, and DeFi blockchain applications.

Anthony Bouch

Anthony BouchMSc

Systems Architect

Anthony is a senior systems architect with experience in media, publishing, and international development - having worked with NGOs and non-profits of all sizes. A code monkey and shutterbug! 📷

David Lipsky

David LipskyPhD

Senior Developer

David possesses a rare combination of talents including software engineering, mathematics, and coffee making. ☕

Panchanit Sathorn

Panchanit SathornBFA

Senior Designer / Illustrator

Panchanit is an especially talented designer and creative illustrator, with work that includes book covers, educational motion graphics, and fine art. She likes art and the sea! 🌊

Mingkwan Chittasenee

Mingkwan ChittaseneeBFA

Associate Senior Graphic Designer

Mingkwan is an experienced graphic and web designer with rapidly developing UI/UX skills. She likes design, calligraphy, and cats! 🐈

George Morgan

George MorganCFA

Corporate Services Advisor

George is an experienced financial services consultant, HBS graduate, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. George likes number crunching and long walks in the park! 🏞

Ivan Topalov

Ivan TopalovMA

Impact Investment and Financial Advisor

A Columbia University graduate, Ivan has extensive experience across innovation, social entrepreneurship, investment banking, social impact investing, and corporate finance. 💸