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A Decentralized View

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding Web3 and the current wave of blockchain development. There are critics and supporters, but like most things, there is a middle ground between polarized views.

We believe that a decentralized economic model, linked to services built by consensus and managed by good governance, represents a genuine opportunity to built systems that are transparent, resilient, and community driven.

There are applications ranging from public-sector service provision, to supply-chain provenance, to self-funded entrepreneurial innovation. And perhaps even a chance to wrestle back control from big tech.

We're attempting to navigate the current 'choppy waters', and feel it's better to form opinions and make decisions from an informed perspective.

We build Web3 dApps and blockchain applications for DeFi and GameFi, having successfully developed several multi-million dollar projects.

Feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can help.